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Thread: Custom Avatar Fulfillment Department

  1. Custom Avatar Fulfillment Department

    Now that you have a username and the requisite witty signature, you might want to think of a picture worthy to be seen next to each post you make. If you are wondering where to find one, or how to edit one you already have, you can ask right here.

    Post or send me the URL or a general description of the picture you'd like to use, and I will send you back at least one suggestion in the form of a GIF or JPEG file. Please remember to provide a valid e-mail address.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    1) I will not draw a special scene for you. I will, however, add simple effects and objects to existing scenes. There are plenty of talented visual artists at TNL, but I am not considered among them. Cropping, resizing, and color/contrast adjustment are okay, and I will color over, blur, sharpen, and/or rotate parts of an image as requested.

    2) Avatar sizes are limited to 160x100 pixels. There is only so much detail you can show in that area, so adjust your expectations accordingly. In this case, simple is generally more effective.

    3) You will almost always get an e-mail back within twenty-four hours, but be patient.

    4) Once you have selected your avatar, you are responsible for uploading it. Refer to the FAQ for instructions on how to do so.

    Make all requests in this thread when possible. If you have an image you would like edited, you may send it as an attachment to

    Enjoy the boards.

  2. ...

    Okay, where do I upload the avatar once it's complete? Is there an ftp site I can upload it to? So it has to be 100X100 pixels or smaller and 5k or smaller, right?

    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  3. The limit is 9000 bytes (just under 9KB). To change your avatar, click the User CP link at the top left of this page, select Edit Options, and go from there.

  4. You can upload it from your computer in the avatar options in your profile. Just click the "Browse" button and select the file.

    EDIT: Yeah, what Nick said. ^_^

  5. hahahahhaha.

    Your doing this again,

    Quote Originally Posted by William Oldham
    Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
    A tune that all can carry
    Burly says if we don't sing
    Then we won't have anything...

  6. You remembered!


    EDIT: Um, where the hell are all the posts that were here?

    Pissed-off Level 9 and rising.

  7. you should change the initial post to reflect the new avatar size.

  8. I hope you don't mind, but could you do me the favour of putting these 3 Gifs together so I can throw it into my avatar.

    Thought I'd try asking.

  9. I think you might have your avatar and your signature confused, there...

  10. I know, but I figured it was close enough...


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