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Thread: .hack//sign

  1. .hack//sign

    This must be one of the most pimp anime series I've seen so far. I've seen episodes 1-8 and am getting up to 13 from a friend later. THere are supposed to be 24 episodes so I'm looking forword to finishing it. Has anyone else seen this series?

  2. Who made it and what is it about? Isn't a videogame coming out?
    pwned by Ivan

  3. Originally posted by Green
    Who made it and what is it about? Isn't a videogame coming out?
    The game is .hack (for PS2) which is based on the OVA series of .hack//sign. I'm not sure if the .hack//sign TV series is related to it.

  4. I love the character design! And cant wait for Bandai to drop the US release. However, I dont like the fact that the OVA series will be packed in with the game....not everyone has a PS2 contrary to popular opinion (although since I live with my bro and he does..I guess in theory I do also...but thats beside the point!!), and just like the majority of gamers like to point out how they all dont like Anime, I think its safe to assume that works both ways. With that and the GiTS series...perhaps Bandai is poised to reclaim the top spot once again??
    Now if they'd only make the Outlaw Star Movie a reality..

    (collective smack by dyo,Riisu,Alan,Bio, and Finch)

    But it was such a cool nam.....ill be quiet...


    "Out of the Orbit"

  5. I feel your pain Lee...well, not really. RPGs suck up more of my money than probably all the other genres of videogames and anime combined, so the fact I'm getting anime along with a seemingly badass game has me elated.

    However, surely you'll have the opportunity to pick the OAVs up seperately, right? *looks around* Uh.....right?

    By the way, I'm questioning why Riisuke, D, and I knocked you into the stratosphere, since we all like Outlaw Star, too.

    Maybe we just like hitting you. ^_^

  6. Where can I pick some of this up without resorting to illegal channels?
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. Originally posted by phoenix angel wing
    Where can I pick some of this up without resorting to illegal channels?
    Buy it from the anime fansubbing group or download it from a file sharing group or IRC.

  8. Well here is some information A friend of mine got

    The OAV is basically the prologue introducing the characters, and the game and actually series are just continuations of it. I'm not sure how true this is, but if it is, it's definately l33t.

    Anyways I'm only on episode 3, yes illegally, but I think I'll buy it once it is released Promise . Anyways I truly think it's great, definatly an incredible setting, and great character design, not to mention the flexibility of the gaming world they are in makes me want to make the actualy MMORPG.

  9. gah i really disliked this show.. i also saw the first 6-8 eps.. hoping to get better.. But nope the plot never advanced, and same pretative shit.. boreing as hell too..

    what do you expect from the creators of shit like noir.....

  10. But nope the plot never advanced,
    Well if what I heard was true, and this is a prologue to the game, then the plot shouldn't advance too much in the beginning. Lol the critic is the one who remains in reality . BTW Kirby r0xx3rs.


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