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  1. Grand Theft Auto 3

    Welcome to TNL’s Grand Theft Auto 3 rankings, where the best of the best come to compete. Many of you have been playing GTA3 for quite some time now, and you probably fancy yourself a GTA3 grand master; well my friend, it is time to be humbled. The time has come to prove your worth and show off your skills, and maybe, if you are good enough, you may become Liberty City’s newest don.


    Over all rankings.
    (Based on respect points)
    1. Mattvanstone - 27
    2. Regus - 21
    3. Pehd - 18
    4. sleeveboy - 13
    5. alan_fatima - 3

    Best Turismo time in seconds.
    1. Mattvanstone - 135 seconds
    2. Regus - 144 seconds
    3. alan_fatima - 160 seconds
    4. Andy787 - 161 seconds
    5. Pehd - 163 seconds


    Best time for bomb defusal.
    1. Mattvanstone - 112 seconds
    2. Regus - 124 seconds
    3. Pehd - 147 seconds
    4. sleeveboy - 222 seconds

    Attention: As of (02/15/02), you can no longer submit RC Toyz scores in which you stacked cars.

    Most Mafia Sentinels destroyed.
    1. sleeveboy - 14 Mafia Sentinels
    2. Regus - 13 Mafia Sentinels
    3. Pehd - 11 Mafia Sentinels
    4. Mattvanstone - 9 Mafia Sentinels

    Most Diablo Stallions destroyed.
    1. Mattvanstone - 12 Diablo Stallions
    2. Pehd - 12 Diablo Stallions
    3. Regus - 10 Diablo Stallions
    4. sleeveboy - 10 Diablo Stallions

    Most Yakuza Stingers destroyed.
    1. Mattvanstone - 14 Yakuza Stingers
    2. Pehd - 11 Yakuza Stingers
    3. Regus - 9 Yakuza Stingers
    4. sleeveboy - 9 Yakuza Stingers

    Most Rumpo XLs destroyed.
    1. Mattvanstone - 11 Rumpo XLs
    2. Regus - 9 Rumpo XLs
    3. Pehd - 7 Rumpo XLs
    4. sleeveboy - 5 Rumpo XLs

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    originally a Regus thread- see sticky.

  2. Competition FAQ:

    Q. Why the hell would you start a GTA3 ranking?
    A. I, like many others, have been playing GTA3 for quite some time now, but I have begun to lose interest, and I felt that a little completion would rekindle mine, and many others interest in the game. Besides, this board has way too many shooter oriented threads, itfs time for a little variety.

    Q. Are there any rules?
    A. As of right now, there are no real rules set in stone, except one: NO CHEAT CODES ALLOWED. Even though GTA3 is a game that depicts several unlawful themes, I will not tolerate cheaters. Of course there is no way for me to verify if you cheated or not, so we shall be operating on the gHonor among thievesh system. Please, legitimate scores only . Oh yeah, if the need arises, I can implement rules at any times, for my word is final. One more thing, I shall only post your SINGLE BEST PERFORMANCE, Ifll do this so no one ends up in the same catagory twice, getting extra points (this will keep things fair). So if youfre in second place, and you top your previous score, your old score shall be deleted, and you can only appear once per catagory.

    Q. Whatfs this don stuff?
    A. A don is the head boss of the mafia, and in this competition, the don is the best over all GTA3 player.

    Q. How can I become the don?
    A. To become the don, a competitor must amass the most respect points.

    Q. What are respect points?
    A. One of the main underlying themes in the Grand Theft Auto series is respect, and it was only fitting to include this within this competition. Whenever you enter the top five, you gain respect points:
    First Place: 5 Respect Points.
    Second Place: 4 Respect Points
    Third Place: 3 Respect Points
    Forth Place: 2 Respect Points
    Fifth Place: 1 Respect Point

    He who has the most respect points becomes the don, and those below him enter the over all rankings, becoming the donfs lackeys, if you will.

    Q. What if two people tie respect points?
    A. Ehc.wefll cross that bridge when we get to it, but for now, the first person to post will win the position, so if two guys both post the exact same scores, the first one to post shall be higher than the one who posted later.

    Q. How come you only have a top five instead of ten?
    A. Because of the high number of subsections, I felt it would be easier to keep track of all the respect points and to manage the thread if I kept the number to five, instead of ten.

    Q. I never heard of this event, or I suck at this mission.
    A.Well, first thing you should do is, swallow your pride and go here. If you still need help, donft hesitate to post here and ask your fellow competitors for help.

    Q. Hey! Where are the taxi, police, ambulance, or fire fighter missions?
    A. I was considering adding these missions to the rankings, but opted not to, because these are not really missions , they are more of little mini games. And I know that this sounds exactly what would belong on this competition, but unlike the other missions, these missionfs point values accumulate over time, instead of within a specific time limit. Any one can play the game for over 24 hours and get over 100 taxi missions, but it takes real skill to get a high turismo time within ites time limit.

    Q. Are you considering adding any other missions?
    Well, I really wanted to add a glongest flight in the dodoh section, but opted not to, because many people either donft like the dodo or simply do not know how to fly it. But hey, if just one person requests it, it will be added to the rankings! Oh, if there is a mission I missed, feel free to point it out to me, and Ifll add it to the rankings.

    Q. Is there anything I can do to help?
    A. Yes, please keep track of your own respect points, that way, if I make a mistake, you can point it out to me. And also, when submitting your scores, please have the exact figures, do not estimate.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

  3. Nope.

  4. Dang, Mattvanstone.

  5. Someone move this to the Guinness board of records.

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    Dang, Mattvanstone.
    Hate that dude.


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