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Thread: I guess it's time I join in the "Getting RId of Stuff" spirit..... (New Shiznit added

  1. I guess it's time I join in the "Getting RId of Stuff" spirit..... (New Shiznit added

    No, this isn't some sick and twisted April Fool's Joke, I'm just looking to lighten my gaming load so to speak and reweight it with either new gaming goodies or some nice cash to pay off my dad from past borrowing accounts ^_^;;. Anyway, here's my list of goodies offered to TNL forum people first

    *All games complete unless otherwise noted*
    Capcom vs SNK GONE
    Capcom vs SNK 2 (JPN) GONE
    Daytona 2001 (JPN)
    Evolution: World of the Sacred Device (No manual)
    King of Fighters 99 Dream Match GONE
    Marvel vs Capcom (JPN)
    Marvel vs Capcom 2 (no manual, disk has love marks, but works just fine)
    Rayman 2 (I got the T-Shirt, tried the game, its not for me) GONE
    Soul Calibur GONE
    Shutokou Battle (JPN)
    ShenMue (US, non LE version)
    Time Stalkers

    Super Smash Bros. Melee GONE

    Daimarikaru (Dunno the exact title, the JPN version of ghouls n ghosts, no manual)

    Aero Gauge (JPN, N64 controller car, w00t!)
    Conker's Bad Fur Day (Practically new, maybe 3 hours played)
    WinBack (Shrinkwrap is on like 90% of the box still, used)

    Samurai Spirits 4 (JPN, no ram version)
    X-Men vs Street Fighter (JPN, no back insert) GONE

    New goodies added
    Capcom vs SNK JPN Import version
    X-Men (cart only, Genesis)
    Phantasy Star 2 (complete, Genesis) GONE
    Arcus Oddysee (cart only, Genesis)
    Final Fantasy 3 (cart only, SNES)
    Sealed FF8 Figure "Rinoa"
    Japanese Street Fighter II Chun-Li Figure (8 inches?)
    Japanese Street Fighter Ibuki Figure (same as Chun-Li)
    Animayhem cards (too many to count, maybe 500?)
    Tokemeki Memorial Date Mini-CD
    Official Squaresoft Prima Xenogears guide (minor wear, but nothing missing/loose)
    Rare Ultraman in Bikini card (I've never seen another one like this, its gotta be rare)
    Biohazard 2 soundtrack (even has mini-cd) GONE

    Even more Goodies!:
    E3 Promo Squishy GameCube (Indigo)
    E3 Promo Squishy Gameboy Advance Indigo
    E3 Promo Squishy Gameboy Advance Arctic
    E3 Promo Squishy Gameboy Adnvance Glacier

    If anyone is interested in anything, let me know, I'm mainly interested in obtaining Dreamcast and Saturn imports, but GameGear, TG16, TGCD, PCE, PCE CD and an assortment of other imports are welcome

    Thanks for looking, parhaps we can make a deal

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  3. Already did my good man, check yours And its 'Freek'

  4. Re: I guess it's time I join in the "Getting RId of Stuff" spirit.....

    Originally posted by NGEFreek
    Shutokou Battle (JPN)
    Whats that?

  5. It would be the Japanese equivalent to Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

  6. OK people, I haveu updated with some new goodies Keep the offers comin'

  7. You've got TNL mail!
    Boo, Hiss.


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