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Thread: Weird April 1 news

  1. Weird April 1 news

    From Dark Horizons site:

    On the set of Daredevil: An injury has halted production of the superhero sequel though its unlikely you'll hear an official explanation for it. I'll let 'Canadian Boy' fill in the details: "Looks like Ben Affleck has pulled a Pierce Brosnan and is out for a fortnight only a few days into filming on "Daredevil". The reason? Seems one sequence had Daredevil and Elektra wrestling in a street alley and about 20 minutes into shooting things went haywire. Jennifer Garner is a very good looking lady, one thing lead to another and Ben started to enjoy himself a bit too much, that was until 'Little Ben' got wedged into a split open aluminum beer can prop littering the alley. Affleck was rushed to the local hospital for an emergency circumcision which is expected to put him out for at least 2-4 weeks. Thanks to 'April Fools'

  2. "..."

    Oh my god..I never liked the guy anyway
    It's a mirror image!


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