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Thread: Read my Peomes PleASe!!!

  1. Read my Peomes PleASe!!!

    What If I Can't Say Goodbye

    As I walked into the building people were watching me
    But, I didn't notice
    I walked over to you
    I touched your sweet face
    I tried not to cry, but the tears they were always there
    I tasted the tears of anger and sorrow.
    I tried to tell myself it's all a dream maybe even a joke
    But then I remembered that dreams aren't supposed to hurt you
    I also realized that Chuck was not breathing
    No, stop, something wrong!
    Someone help him, the jokes gone wrong and no ones laughing only tears
    A friend holds me close whispers
    It's alright, look he's smiling"
    I say why won't he wake up?
    As I lean over and touch, his cold pale face.
    I pause...Then one last time I plead
    "Chuck please wake up, I won't be mad."
    But still and frozen Chuck still lies.
    I must leave I put the white rose on his casket
    But I still can't say goodbye.

    Crystal Aleshire

    Copyright 2002 Crystal Aleshire


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    Beautiful. Deep.
    Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi View Post
    SNK is like an abusive boyfriend; he keeps hitting me, and I want to leave him, but then I think about the good times we have together and keep telling myself I'll give him just one more chance to change.


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