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Thread: (UPDATED)The Returner - Awesome Upcoming Japanese Action film(check out the trailers)

  1. (UPDATED)The Returner - Awesome Upcoming Japanese Action film(check out the trailers)

    Well, This movie finally comes out in Japan August 31, and its looking mighty good I hope that DVD will follow soon after.

    As for now, Check out these trailers:

    Trailers on the right side of the screen

  2. Well, Just read that Columbia bought the rights for this film in US and Europe, so lets keep our fingers crossed for a good R1 version, to come out some times in the future

  3. This and Shirayuiki-Hime are on my most anticipated list. If Columbia is doing the U.S. release--I think it will be faithful to the original. As long as it stays out of Disney's hands, I'm happy.

    Thanks for the link.
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  4. Well, I can get Shurayuki Hime Japanese R2 dvd now, but its doesnt have English subs, and kinda expensive

    But I heard that ADV or some other publisher will be releasing US version this Fall.

  5. i hope it's subtitled.

  6. Good to see someone else, other than Ssbomberman, to be interested in my Asian movie topics

  7. Isn't Takeshi Kaneshiro a HK actor?
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  8. No, He is Japanese, but he does appear in many HK films, since he popular in HK, as well as in Japan. He was in Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Downtown Torpedoes, The Odd One Dies and other.

    He also was a model for the character of Samonosuke in Onimusha.

  9. #9
    I'll see it...

    Also not to get too far off topic but has anyone seen The Contract Killer with Jet Li? I think that is what it is called seen it at the video store the other day.

  10. Well, Its cut and rescored US release of Jet's The Hitman. Last HK film Jet made before leaving for US. Its not bad film, does have some cool action scenes, and Jet has a cool sword fight at the end against 3 bad guys. Dont get the US version though, and look for HK release.


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