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Thread: "Snake Plissken? I heard you were dead."

  1. "Snake Plissken? I heard you were dead."

    Seems that there's a sudden surge of John Carpenter-derived videogames on the horizon...first The Thing (can't wait for that one), and now Snake Plissken from Escape From NY will be getting a videogame. There's no publisher yet, but Kurt Russell himself has already agreed to do the voiceovers and motion capture work when the game is made. Sounds cool. Here's the article:,00.html

    "Call me Snake..."

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  2. Thats soo Cool I'm big Russel and Carpenter fan, and Plisken is one of coolest characters in movies ever Both Escapes were pretty good(Yes I liked the LA one too , great ending !!!)

    Good to hear that Russel will provide voice acting for the game. Looking forward this one

  3. Yay!

    Now all they need to do is team him up with an effeminate, whiny, bleached, pussy boy! Put them in a terrible storyline, and the game will rock!


  4. I was wondering how long it would take before someone talked shit about Metal Gear.

    So many haters...

  5. 1. Could be cool, since Kurt's ok in my book. Maybe we could get a Tombstone game with Kurt and Val doing the voice work -- "I'm your huckleberry..."

    2. The Thing may be a pleasant surprise (since my expectations for it were Recent clips and stills actually look very cool, and suggest a tense atmosphere. I'm probably going to grab it upon release. Here's hoping.

    3. On 88mph's point: I, too, find the persistent MGS2 hate to be a little odd. I popped that game in two days ago (having not played it since Dec. '01) and you know what? It still looked very slick, and was fun to play. Go figure.

  6. Originally posted by 88mph
    I was wondering how long it would take before someone talked shit about Metal Gear.

    So many haters...

    Nah, I knew that SOMEONE had to do it. I actually enjoy playing MGS2 as well. Its just that with a mention of a game with the real Snake Plisskin in it was just begging for a MGS2 crack. I bash it because I love...

  7. guys better be don't want to awake the sleeping beast...aka know he's watching...

  8. #8
    So many haters...
    Hey, don't blame us... blame the hype that surrounded the game, and blame the way that Kojima didn't deliver. At least the Game Boy Color game was good.
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  9. A game based on "Escape from NY" would be cool

  10. These where just on TV recently, I hope the game is good because it would be pretty neat

    Escape from New York was great, I liked it much better then Escape from LA.


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