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Thread: Transformers: Armada, is an anime...

  1. Transformers: Armada, is an anime...

    I still think the toys, look crap. but i was really pleased that
    the show will be an anime, and made in Japan.. I was hearing
    rummurs that it was gonna be done by Mainframe. But lucky for us
    Transformers will reamin cheasy and very cool, like RiD. And
    Not Shitty like Beast warsm and Beast Machines...

  2. I wonder which Transformers show are they going to translate this time? Or are they producing an all new show for the American audiences? I don't think another Transformers anime was produced after Car Robot (the Japanese RID).

  3. It'll have to be an all new show considering the all new character design of the new 'bots.

  4. All new series being created for Japan and America at the same time. Using Japanese animators to get the look and feel of the old G1 cartoons. The style will be anime, but supposedly not as anime as RiD. Dreamwave Studios did all the character designs for the animated series, from what I understand, and are doing a mini comic to be included with the figures this fall. Here's an example:

    Some of their G1 work:
    Never under any circumstance scrutinize the mastication orifice of a gratuitous herbivorous quadruped.

  5. The first Transformers show was a co-production between Japanese and American studios, but the original show ended (which became Transformers 2010 when the show was moved to the future), all Transformers were produced in Japan such as Headmasters, Choujin Masterforce, Transformers Victory and Zone.


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