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Thread: You gotta do what? I gotta believe!

  1. You gotta do what? I gotta believe!

    Bahn reviews Parappa 2, does the sequel retain the funky flow?

    <P>Charismatic, and simplistically charming - the debut of <i>Parappa the Rapper</i> helped redefine the rhythm/action genre in its infancy, and was widely recognized as a mainstream favorite. Featuring a paper-thin rapping pup, whose lyrics were practically infectious to anyone exposed, it was apparent that the PlayStation possessed one of the most unique titles for that era.

    Click <a href="">here</a> for the full review!

    (Link fixed: apologies to those previously attempting to access)

  2. I believe!

  3. Hey everybody. Watch out for those flying noodles

    Because if you don't do well here, all you get to eat are noodles!

    "French the fries, Go! Cook the burgers"

  4. money, money, money, is all you need..

    i have none

    guess I'll just have to rent it.

  5. Time to get romantic, yes indeed...that's for sure.

    Heh, ask your g/f to buy it.

  6. Love punching, Soft chopping, Sweet kicking, It's all about the mind.

    and don't forget about the Danger Tick!

  7. LOL!!!

    Revolutions all the time...people changing the world with crime - with violence, anger, hunger or whatever.

    I never get scared, you all the deal. Patrollin' my hood, keeping things for real.


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