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Thread: In search of Ys 4 PCE CD

  1. In search of Ys 4 PCE CD

    I simply must have a copy of Ys 4, trade it to me now for crazy deals Let me know if you have one for trade or know where I can get a copy.

  2. Well, NGE, your best bet would be to try and either trade for or buy one off of GameTZ, several people there have it, as not a whole lot of domestic import sites carry it. gets it in from time to time so you might wanna ask them. Then there's always eBay of course...

    I have the game, but I love it, and it would take a downright spectacular trade for several things that I'm looking for to pry it from my hands. IOW, you'd overpay to get it from me so I recommend the places above
    omg TNL epics!

  3. Do you have a want list anywhere? I wanna check it out just t osee how close or not close I could come to getting it from you Being a member of GameTZ, I already knew about that one, and no one seems to want to let it go I'll be sure to check out to see what they have that I may be interested in.

    Care to give any impressions on the game?

  4. If you loved the first two Y's, you'll love this too. When I first booted it up, felt like I was greeting old friends again after a long hiatus

    As for my page, you can find it here: Its also listed as my homepage on my profile, heh
    omg TNL epics!

  5. You bastard, you have Panzer Dragoon Mini

  6. Ya, I'm the only guy on GameTZ that has that or Towers 2 for Jaguar. Puts me in quite the bargaining posture, eh?
    omg TNL epics!

  7. Not really, chances are, that the people that do want the games you have have absolute crap or stuff thats uber common to trade, since I started just over a year and a half ago, GameTZ has been steadily going downhill into a shithole, although it is kinda nice to have a place like that around since there are those rare occasions that you find someone with a nice collection like yours and they're willing to trade you something good for something of yours.


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