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Thread: About damn time I picked up a NeoGeo!

  1. About damn time I picked up a NeoGeo!

    Just last week I purchased my first NeoGeo AES console. It's in excellent condition and came with it's original box and instructions and a few games:

    Magician Lord (which I got from ebay)
    Ninja Combat
    Baseball Stars Pro
    and an extra controller

    Now, I'm going to be on the look out for the Samurai Showdown games, KOF's and if I'm lucky one or two of the 4 slugs.

    I just have a question for whoever may know. What other import stores near L.A., CA. other than GameDude carry NeoGeo games and accessories?
    current gaming fix: Capcom vs SNK 2, SFIII Third Strike, Maximo, Sky Gunner, Zero Gunner 2, Radiant Silvergun, Blood Omen 2 LOK.

  2. Congrats!

    I'll be picking up a Neo cab before the end of the summer if everything goes according to plan.

    Make sure to pick up one o' them wacky Phantom-1 convertors, and Wind Jammers (one of my personal faves!).

  3. Hey:

    Congrats on the in-box AES, a nice find.

    I also applaud you for Magician Lord, pity you for Ninja Combat. Avoid contracting a nasty case of Neo Mania and you'll be fine. Email PaCrappa, he has a nice selection of classic AES stuff for discount prices.

    Oh, and as for getting an AES Metal Slug...are you rich and have money to burn?


  4. thanks Kidnemo ^_^

    I plan on doing the same thing as you. I just need a new house!! The one we've been in for the past 3 years is much too small to fit an arcade cab and all my games and stuff. As it is my wife (secretly)wants to get rid of my stuff behind my back!

    no, unfortunately I\'m nowhere near rich, but I will try to hunt it down for a decent price. I love me some Metal Slug. I already have the first Slug for my Saturn w/the 4 meg ram cart and Slug X for the PSOne, but nothing\'s better than the real deal.

    btw, I HAD to get Ninja Combat (eventhough it DOES suck) since IT along with Magician Lord were the first 2 games I played when the NeoGeo First came out at the arcades!
    current gaming fix: Capcom vs SNK 2, SFIII Third Strike, Maximo, Sky Gunner, Zero Gunner 2, Radiant Silvergun, Blood Omen 2 LOK.

  5. The sentimental value is key (one of the reasons I love Wind Jamers so much!).

    I just bought my first house about a year ago, and have been holding off getting a cab until I refinish the basement. As soon as that basement is done though...

  6. Ah, sentimental value. Only reason why I went out of my way to get that god-awful Art of Fighting 2. For some reason, I enjoy it more than SamSho 2.

    Enjoy the Neo!

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    Andy787 Guest
    Hey JT!

    I hate you

  8. Congrats on your reply.

    If anything I hope the system gives you years of enjoyment ahead. Iwould suggest seeing as you have an AES system that you sooner or later get a Debug Bios installed into your Neo so you can access all the game's normally locked out functions.

    If you're a bit more curious, you can follow this link for details.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

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    Jay Guest
    I picked one up for $150 with World Heroes. God bless pawn shops.

  10. /me smacks Johnpv in the head with an AES ;) :P

    Glad you took my advice at GF Jack

    Japan Video Games



    here's a few places I have heared about in the LA cali area, I've only heared of them I'm not sure if they are too close to you

    Neo*Geo is truly a thing of beauty, I play my AES nearly everyday.


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