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Thread: Death of the Game Addict

  1. Death of the Game Addict

    Here is a link to another lovely article related to harm that video and computer gaming can cause on unsuspecting players. Check it out:


    It's like any other addiction," Elizabeth Woolley said last week. "Either you die, go insane or you quit. My son died.

    She has hired an attorney who plans to sue the company in an effort to get warning labels put on the games.

    What kind of labels - This game is addicting???

  2. really stupid...
    "The only way microsoft would make something that doesn't suck is if they made vacuums"

  3. He should have shot his mother first.
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  4. This bitch is just looking for someone to blame.

    Fuck her... and her dead ass son.

  5. I know someone who fits the description of the unfortunate man in the link. I mean, an absolute copy. Overweight, socially uncomfortable, works in a pizza restaurant, and played Everquest 10 hours a day for a year. Not sure if he still does, but I would imagine so...

    He's not such an extreme situation, having a fiance and some close friends, but he was on Paxal for social anxiety and for a period of time. Everquest was essentially his life, outside of work.

    This deal about putting warning labels on games that are highly addicting is complete and utter nonsense. That's all that needs to be said until the proponents of such ridiculous demands can come up with something better than analogies to the tobacco industry. Cigarettes will directly kill you, addicting online video games will not. There are dozens of other factors at play here, a video game being one of the least important.

    The moral of the story is, if something is wrong with your life, find someone to blame. And take their money.

  6. #6
    So fun, it's ADDICTING!

  7. Unfortunately, I know someone exactly like that. 'Cept he doesn't have a job. And plays Everquest. All.Day.Long. The only reason he takes an odd job here and there is to pay for Everquest. And he swears to god that i'm going to play it with him. Hell no.

  8. some dude in thailand played counter-strike for more than 70+ hours straight and died of heart failure.

    He was stressin.
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  9. Well I feel sorry for the Mom, and the son too I guess. But really, the mom sounds like a moron. This whole thing is pretty ridiculous. It gets me frustrated reading things like this. There are way to many stupid people in the world who don't want to take responsibility. Always lookin for a scape goat.
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  10. Full on flat out people are stupid.

    I used to play everquest, a lot. But, I kept my job((88 I was workin with you at Funco then, Freddy Blaze gave me a promo copy of it), and my girlfriend and had a healthy social life. I had a few friends who lived near me, and yeah we'd play for a long time if we were questing for some uber rare ass item. I look back at it and think it's very stupid. But I got over it. The mom really cant blame anybody but herself, who the hell else could have taken matters into their own hands, if she knew he played EQ so damned much, she should have monitored it her damn self. Somebody needs to make a handbook on parenting because apparantly she needs it. If the game is addicting, then the developers made the game right. You dont play a game that sucks for that least I dont.

    Sum it up in 6 words. Grow up, and get over it.

    /end rant


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