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Thread: Official "Show us your gaming setup" thread

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    Johnny Guest

    Official "Show us your gaming setup" thread

    It's been awhile since we've had this thread, and a similar one over at TFP inspired me to create yet another. As usual, I have no shots because my webcam sucks and my collection is far less interesting now that I've sold off my popular ~32bit stuff. Don't let that stop any of you however, feel free to post shots of your collection. I want to see some decent television sets this time too, the last thread had me in tears.

  2. Oh Im looking forward to this, there better not be any tvs standing straight on those pics
    Dont have digital camera either but if I go trough with flipping my 28WS tv for one brief session with Ikaruga I will sure as hell document it.

  3. My place of worship...

    Not pictured: lots and lots of really interesting and rare imports, as I don't actually own any.

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    Johnny Guest
    Nice television Mode7, I'm getting that exact model when I move.

  5. aww,

    Cute kitty!

  6. Johnny: not a bad little TV -- my only complaint is a buzzing noise that grows in volume the longer the set has been on. But not so loud as to actually irritate me too much. Good price, nice picture, and plenty of inputs.

    SMBChick: I'll be sure to pass along the compliment. That picture doesn't quite do her justice, though -- here is a better one.

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    Jay Guest
    *Note to self, buy shelving units for game systems. Putting them on top of random objects doesn't seem to be working...

  8. Shown:

    JAP PS2
    JAP SS
    JAP DC

    The TV is just a 21" Sony with external Dolby Prologic speakers. All systems hooked up via RGB SCART (except PC-FX) to an SCART block.

    Originally posted by Jay
    *Note to self, buy shelving units for game systems. Putting them on top of random objects doesn\'t seem to be working...
    Nah, I like the random object approach

  9. Don't let that cat pee on your games!

  10. I'm gonna take a picture of my setup tonight, right after I clean for an hour or two. I really need to do something about the rat's nest of wires I have building up.



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