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Thread: What the hell happened to Gargoyles?!?!

  1. What the hell happened to Gargoyles?!?!

    I get a channel called "Toon Disney", where all they show are Disney Cartoons.

    For about 3 months I have been following Gargoyles almost religiously.
    Yes, I'm well aware this show was on a while back but I was in college and I couldnt watch it.

    Anyway, It was great from the beginning...then they went to Avalon and had a series of adventures all over the world. It was awesome!....All of a sudden things changed.

    The cheezy...the story didnt "flow" anymore. Its now called Goliath Chronicles....Everybody now knows about Gargoyles...Xanatos is a good guy...blah...

    My question...What Happened?!?!?! Why?!?!?

    Was anybody else pissed off by this back in the day?

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    Though I didn't get to see all of the transitions episodes, the show seemed to flow fine to me. And for Xanatos, I could understand how finally encountering an enemy that he couldn't defeat or manipulate would change him. Xanatos as a villain was one of the greatest villains ever. No matter what his enemies did he always had a backup plan and always came up with ways to manipulate them into helping him anyway. When the king of Avalon showed up though, for the first time ever, Xanatos was powerless. It didn't matter that he was smart, rich, and powerful. There was nothing he himself could do to change his situation when the king came for his child. So, in my opinion, the change in Xanatos was a valid change.

    Overall I still like the whole series for the mostpart. Man I'm still hoping for a DVD release of it.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  3. They made a useless attempt at trying to appeal to a "broader" audience and it didn't frickin work. Thus ruining one of the best US made cartoons. I miss cartoons that have a continuing storyline.

  4. i want toon disney....

    the gargoyles theme music was the best.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ex Ranza View Post
    Halverson had me totally convinced of Cybermorph's greatness, I'll tell you that much.

    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

  5. i got toon disney and i think it owns. no joking too. they show the new archies and hello kitty and friends. they're both pretty dumb, but they're both good shows at the same time.

    and i've got some channel called boomerang. they show some old stuff there too... but nothing good (that i've noticed).

  6. Goliath Chronicles came about right after Disney bought ABC/CapCities. Disney axed all non-Disney animated programming (thus leading to Cartoon Net's eventual aquisition of Reboot), which meant that to fill out their Saturday mornings AND keep the syndicated stuff fresh while their contracts were still on-going, they had to massively expand production.

    Gargoyles, at the time, was their biggest animated franchise. There was even talk of a live-action movie with a CG Goliath (this due to Disney's film unit's habit of co-opting the TV unit's franchises, which pissed off the TV people somewhat). Anyway, they decided that ABC needed a big draw to compete with the other networks, so they wanted more Gargoyles eps to fill that space. Now, I believe the original Gargoyles production team was moved off the show for either another production or perhaps out of spite -- this isn't too clear. However, what is clear is the guy who made this decision is an idiot. The show's production was farmed out to that wonderful animation powerhouse *cough* Nelvana. This is the same Nelvana that's responcible for the hack-n-slash of Card Captor Sakura. Well, Nelvana's "creative talent" decided to massively change the show's storyline so they could put their own stamp on it. GC is the result.

    Hopefully, in a number of years Disney will wake up and realize that they have a franchise with massive untapped potential sitting in their vaults... and they'll get the main people from the original team back in to produce more episodes. But for the moment... let's all go drool over the prospects of TF: Armada and then go ape when/if it doesn't deliver.

  7. Gargoyles owned, I haven't seen the show in years but I still remember these lines:

    "Avalong doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to be."

    And the spell to go back in time:

    "Deslagrate muritempe et entrevalia"
    ..or something.

  8. Gargoyles...God, I loved that show. The first episodes were some of the best.

    "What, you hungry again Broadway, didn't you just eat?"

    "Yup, Chinese, good too. But for some reason, an hour later, I was hungry again..."

    omg TNL epics!


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