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Thread: Current considerations for fall shows for the major Cartoon/Anime channels

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    Current considerations for fall shows for the major Cartoon/Anime channels

    Well, here's some news on some of the major cartoon/anime networks showings for the fall. Big O 2 is confirmed among other things. The Kirby anime is also mentioned as well as Transformers Armada. There are more big name shows too as well as some not so big shows. Check it out and see what you think.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  2. Seems like they're translating the Kinnikuman anime for FOX. For those who don't know, Kinnikuman (or Muscleman) was the basis of those little pink MUSCLE toys that were popular during the 1980s. Looking forward to that and Kirby.

  3. Cool find, Brotherman. I've come to expect things like this from you.

    Freakin' He-man, people. Oh yeah.

    Plus, Digimon will probably be continued on ABC...sweet.

    Seems like the networks did a 180 on their attitudes towards children's programming.

    WB will still suck, though. Especially since their "big gun" 4kids will be competing against them.

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    Transformers, He-Man, Kirby, Kinnikuman! This is wonderful news, I'm gonna be watching TV again


    *does pelvic thrust*

    I am sooooo happy.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  6. Ughh... Digimon on ABC... Digimon was the only anime on TV today and ever.. that was ever closet to its original.. orginal japanese names, minaum to zero cuts...

  7. Digimon is completely unaltered? Quit talkin' bout that which you do not know, noodle dick. While I too am a fan of Digimon, and indeed find it's localization to be among the best on TV, it's HARDLY unaltered...well, Digimon Tamers being les altered than the first two seasons...

    The Kirby anime...uh...yeah. Let's see what that's all aboot.

    A possible new Thundercats series?! Let's hope it's not all queered up.

    I don't see how anyone could make an American children's cartoon based off perfect dark, what with the shooting and killing and all that.

    The WB:
    They suck, but still have some lingering quality. While I haven't been watching JC Adventures lately, I'd be surprised if it suddenly started sucking. But this Scooby Doo bullshit has to stop. I so totally hate Scooby Doo now. Hate. HATEHATEHATEHATE. Someone slip some arsenic into that goddamned great dane's food, please....

    CN: Ho-lee shit. Man, despite the WB's best attempts to short change Cartoon Network's mojo (THE WB IS THE MOST EVIL CORPORATION. DISNEY AND MICROSOFT AINT GOT NUTHIN ON IT) still kicking ass.

    Big O 2 is interesting enough but...

    G GUNDAM!? SHINING FINGER, TAKAKU HABATAKE--ERR, are they gonna show this? All the characters are flaming ethnic stereotypes (or so I hear). Regardless, should be interesting

    I'm surprised that Armada is gonna air on Cartoon Network...Hopefully it won't be all queer like Robots in Disguise.

    NEW HE-MAN! Let's hope it don't suck!

    I'm intrigued by this Dini-directed Duck Dodgers...although it won't be the same without Mel Blanc.

    Nickelodeon: Everything on this channel sucks except Zim.

    2002 should be as interesting on TV as it will be in theaters (Spidey and Episode II), and on DVD (Berserk, Excel Saga, Goldenboy, FLCL, Inu Yasha...)

    Too bad vidoegames suck so bad right now.
    Compare your life to mine and KILL YOURSELF!!!

  8. Any developments on the new Ninja Turtles cartoon by WB Animation?


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