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Thread: No Christmas in Animal Crossing?

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    StormShadow Guest

    No Christmas in Animal Crossing?

    Acording to a few people that have this game.(from Nintendo's Animal Crossing pioneer contest) Christmas has been taken out in favor of Toy Day which takes place on Dec.23rd. Me being a non religious man who loves toys sees no problem with the move. On the otherhand your going to have Christians who say this is insulting if you think Christmas is only about toys, but the non Christians will be happy for obvios reasons. So what do you think? Did Nintendo do the right thing? Or were they too P.C.?

  2. But isn't Christmas the celebration of the birth of Santa Claus?

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    Jesus, it's not like Christmas is a religious holiday for most people any more. I despise religion but I celebrate Christmas. I think Nintendo's move here is stupid.

  4. Christmas is a day when people of all religions celebrate Jesus's birthday.
    pwned by Ivan

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    lithium Guest
    But if they put in Christmas, then where's Hanukah? Kwanza? Whatever else any other religion celebrates? Not to mention putting in a religion would rile up some athiests ("under god" was declared unconstitional afterall).

    I think Nintendo is being paranoid, but it was probably a good move.

  6. guess i'll be spending the 25th playing Christmas Nights again this year...

  7. And I will be spending the 25th breaking into and robbing all the local buisnesses.


  8. Originally posted by NeoZeedeater
    Jesus, it's not like Christmas is a religious holiday for most people any more.
    Beautiful choice of words.

    As for the decision, I think it's perfect. Toy Day is just fine and dandy, I have no problems there.

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    Andy787 Guest
    NeoZeed said exactly what I think about the matter.

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    Christ died for the sins of man.

    Since animals don't sin, what the hell do they care about Christmas?

    Anyways, editing is stupid, as always. It's not needed.
    Just more justification to import everything and ignore all American departments.


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