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Thread: No Christmas in Animal Crossing?

  1. Originally posted by Rick
    You think Jesus was actually born in the chill of the night in a desert in the middle of December?
    Of course, because we all know December is automatically cold everywhere on the globe.

    Yes, it does get extremely cold at night in the desert, but according to legend (I'll probably get flamed for that) it was inside and near a fire. And the time of year doesn't affect jack.

  2. That's not true, Gongos. It wasn't made easier for converts, it was to "prevent" current believers from celebrating the day of Apollos. Ya'see, believers would celebrate the birth of Christ in the spring, and the Apollos Festival in December (25th by the Roman calendar). The church didn't like them celebrating the pagan holiday, so they up and moved the birth of Christ.

    It was a control issue, not an access issue.

    To stay on topic: There's a holiday in Animal Crossing called "Meteor Day?!" WTF is that all about?
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