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Thread: Boogiepop Phantom - anyone seen it?

  1. Boogiepop Phantom - anyone seen it?

    I've heard it compared to Lain, which is one of my favorites, so I'm more than a little interested....any thoughts?

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010

  2. Its dark...very dark<in theme and in color scheme>, and its very strange. Where Lain mixed with Computer Technology Boogiepop goes towards horror. I only have the first disc<unfortunatly I started BP while watching 2 or 3 other shows> but it has the potential for greatness. I can honestly say though, as good as it <probably> will turn wont be as Goddessly as Lain is,was and 4eva will be.



  3. I really enjoyed it. It does mess with your head... not quite on the same level as Lain, but close.

    Highly reccommended.

  4. Maybe I will give it a try, once I get through my present Anime overload

  5. Originally posted by Despair
    Maybe I will give it a try, once I get through my present Anime overload
    I feel your pain. I still have the eintre Eva series, and the entire wanderers series to watch. I am in the middle of Video Girl AI (good stuff) Then I have to watch Yamamoto Yokho, Now and Then, El Hazard 2, Record of Lodoss War.

    I have a DVD pile of shame that almost rivals my Game pile.

    Don't even get me started on VHS. My co-worker Chris has been giving me shopping bags filled with anime VHS (because he has been buying the DVDs)

    I have hundreds of hours of anime to watch. Which is good/bad.

  6. "Lee Vicious" ha ha ha

    What's happening verbal? Name changes are fun, no? It is I, the former Slarti/Alphonso. Good to see you're still around. Any sign of D?

    I've just gotta get to it and get this thing...I'm sure I'll dig it. Now that the boxed set is out (and bestprices has it for around $60) I've run out of excuses.

    I'm unlike you guys, (un)fortunately....I don't have an anime backlog AT ALL. Wish I did...but I'm really really picky.

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010

  7. The Evolution of Slarti...Alphonso

    Whats up pal-ly.
    No signs of D...sadly, though ive e-mailed him....maybe he'll turn up eventually.

    Im like you, I think the only Anime DVD I have, that I have'nt finished watching is Jin-Roh. I cant not watch A new show when I get it...sad but true. Boogiepop appears to be A keeper, but if you havent already checked out SoulTaker...I highly advise it!!

    See ya round BioMechanic!!



  8. it makes no sense.

    therefore, it MUST be good. ^_^

    maybe I need to watch it again...
    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  9. I have the first two volumes of Boogiepop and I rented the last two, I still plan on buying the last two volumes... eventually. I really enjoyed the show and the ending... kinda makes everything make sense.

    Eheu, I to have an anime backlog, a couple episodes of BGC 2040, Love Hina, Now and Then, Robotech and about a season of City Hunter. I've sworn off buying new anime until I finished watching what I have.

    ~Mr. K~

    Too bad I have to friggin yard work and homework today so I can't get my watch on. *sniff* MY SPRING BREAK IS OVVVVVEEEEERRRRR


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