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Thread: Raiden DX TATE mode question.

  1. Raiden DX TATE mode question.

    I assume Raiden DX for PSX has a proper TATE mode and none of that reverse controls crap that was in Raiden Project for the U.S.? (two separate games I know, just checking).

  2. I have a question in a question, what is a TATE mode?

  3. It means true arcade (TV flip) mode. It supposedly comes from a Japanese slang word for "table."

  4. Thanks, I was wondering what that was now I know

  5. Yup RDX has true TATE with flipped controls. On a related note, I found that If you use a Arcade stick on Raiden Project in TATE, you can easily flip the stick around & play it correctly rather nicely. It is kind of odd at first, but not as bad as trying to hold a normal PSX controller flipped around.


  6. Cool, thanks for the info JM.

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    Originally posted by Werewolf
    Thanks, I was wondering what that was now I know
    Not really, the truth is here.

    I don't know why nobody notices this, ... it's like the 5th time someone's asked since I've posted that.

  8. You can get the Japanese Raiden Project, as the TATE mode in that version has the necessary reversed controls.

  9. About the word "TATE"... one of Joe Higashi's win poses in King of Fighters '97 has him using this word to mean "Get up!".

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