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Thread: Galantly Burn Out...

  1. Galantly Burn Out... AIM: MysteriousRacerC

    Heheh... Im not saying Ill never be back, I know I will, but now isnt the time. I cant say Ill miss any of you, really, as the ones Ive come to like enough to miss MVS, Revolter, YAWA, Master, EThugg, etc. Ill still be in contact with them. Oh! And Shingo! I WILL play you again whenever I get around to grabbing a new sidewinder! Scouts Honer!

    But, you know how it goes, all things must pass. It was fun while it was fun, and that time is gone for now.

    See ya 'round.

    *Orochi WAS going to do this yesterday, but then he realized what day it was.*

    Take care of yourselves... And each other.
    So I forced my hands in my pockets and felt with my thumbs and gallantly handed her my very last piece of gum.

  2. See ya around. Sometimes you just gotta go. I remember when I had to say goodbye to my Dragonball board back in the day..... It just got old.

  3. good bye fellow Iori fan!
    you will be missed!
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  4. later dude!
    have fun with whatever you do next !!
    You can never be one of the dead, because something that has no existence can have no community.


  5. see you around man, you will be missed
    "Punch the yeti! Win a free Llama!"

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    If there was one thing that is true about life, it is that as much as it stays the same, it tends to change... so when that distant voice call, take the bus out, for the next stage is coming.

    You will be missed Orochi, and let you life be well.

  7. see ya.
    It's a mirror image!

  8. Adios!
    -Mullet Jockey-
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    Eat. Sleep. Music.


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