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Thread: Virtua Fighter 4 tops Playstation 2 sales charts

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    Virtua Fighter 4 tops Playstation 2 sales charts

    If only I wasn't a button-mashing fool...

    Sega's bold venture out of the hardware market is already bearing fruit, as Sega of America has announced that Virtua Fighter 4 for the Playstation 2 has hit number one in its debut week. According to NPD TRSTS data, for the week ending March 23rd Virtua Fighter 4 was the overall top selling Playstation 2 game.

    "Virtua Fighter is one of SEGA's top franchises and bringing it to PlayStation 2 was a monumental occasion for us," said Peter Moore, president and COO, SEGA of America. "With our incredible development talent bringing both our established franchises and new content to all platforms, SEGA is already a heavyweight publisher in the industry."

    Those looking to add to the total will find Virtua Fighter 4 at retailers everywhere for a $49.95.

    Source: Press Release

  2. Good to hear Sega doing well with this game both in Japan and US. I'm yet to get VF4, but will be getting it soon.

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    Andy787 Guest
    My prediction comes true! GO SEGA!

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    The game is brilliant and add to that the huge PS2 user base and you have success. I am actually glad this game was released for PS2--if it had been released for the DC, it would be lost to the mainstream audience, an audience that probably hasn't had much experience with the Virtua Fighter series.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  5. I have never been a fan of the Virtua Fighter series..... the gameplay has always been too still and it doesnt flow like other 3D fighters like Dead or Alive 3...... Sega knows how to make a great game, they just need to apply that knowledge to the Virtua Fighter series........


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