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Thread: ibuki sketch

  1. ibuki sketch

    just a quick sketch i did, drawn and colored in PS

  2. ...

    Beautifully done sketch. I like the fact that you left all the sketch lines in when you colored it.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  3. Yeah, man, beautiful ! When 'I' try and color 'my' sketches... ugh. -Turns out to be more dirty than anything -_-... not dirty, DIRTY. Just dirty...

  4. Awesome. I like this look a lot - it's quite unique looking. You seem to be on an Ibuki kick lately. Keep up the great stuff man!

  5. yea keep the Ibuki love alive

  6. ;_; So... Beautiful... The lines are so pretty, giving it nice movement while still being restained enough so that it's recognizable. The color choice is quite wonderful as well... Give it a pretty piece of classical music and I'd be weeping.
    (overreaction) :3 But really, it is quite pretty.


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