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  1. Blue Seed

    I mean the whole series in a box for like $40 is tempting (kind of like the Robo box). I've heard mixed reviews on it and I am wondering if anyone here has seen it and has any opinions on it.

    Later all...

  2. i've seen about the first 4 episodes, so i can't give the best of opinions. but what i did watch up to was enough for me to like. it's surely not the best or the worst though. omake theater is cute too, although one of them was quite disturbing, had something to do with guys in lingerie. *shudders* i've read and heard that it's a decent series overall.

  3. it sux like you never seen a series sux before...this series has the most annoying characters ever[after Minmey in Robotech], the animation is a + and the music is good also [Megumi Hayashibara] but the history sux ass and the message that brings I can see it better in a discovery channel

  4. I seen it a few years ago on cable and enjoyed it as a free late night anime show. Plus, it had most of the Eva people dubbing it, and I really liked the Eva dub back then.
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  5. I think its worth it for 40 or less. Its the entire series, so you'll spend a good amount of time with it. I actually got the first two volumes dirt cheap on VHS years ago. Then I picked up the DVDs later for a good price, but not as good of a price as the box set (damn that box set!). It has its charming moments at times and its boring moments as well. IMHO a Blue Seed is a completely average anime series. It's not gonna put you in total awe with anything it does, but by the end of the series I was completely satisfied and thought it was pretty enjoyable. The main character, Momoji, is a little annoying at first but she started to grow on me by the fifth or sixth episode. Omake Theater is a high point for the series, I found most of the Omake shorts to be very creative or humorous (in insane Japanese fashion).


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