Now Xbox owners have a chance to get their feet wet

Infrogrames is looking to add yet another hit to their Atari brand as they have announced today that the hit Playstation 2 title Splashdown will be headed to the Xbox this summer. Developed by Rainbow Studios, Splashdown combines official See-Doo watercraft with an eclectic cast of characters into an wild watersports game filled with stunts and mayhem.

“Splashdown has become one of the premier water sport franchises in video gaming,” said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames' Los Angeles studio. “Xbox gamers are in for an amazing experience -- we have taken our critically acclaimed PlayStation®2 game and pushed it to the next level, creating an even more extreme aquatic playground. Fast-paced and exhilarating, this is water racing like its never been done before!”

Featuring 18 regions from all over the globe, Splashdown has gamers racing in locals ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to the canals of Venice. Exclusive to the Xbox version are two new locations: Ruminer Point, Maine, and The Keys, Florida. From these 18 areas are 40 different tracks to race, each with various shortcuts and secrets to discover.

Performing various tricks plays a major role in Splashdown. Each of the eight characters can attempt over 30 different acrobatic stunts, such as signature tricks such as the Handlebar Handstand, Lazy Boy, Metronome, and others. Successfully completing these tricks gives your racer all sorts of bonuses to give them the edge over his competitors.

Gamers have three main modes to play in Splashdown. Career mode allows you build a team from the ground up and lead your racer to the championship of the water racing circuit. Arcade mode features single circuit racing, as well as time trials, countdown, and free ride. In this mode you can collect various wetsuits placed in the tracks to customize your racers appearance. Finally, a versus mode allowing two players to duke it out rounds out the package.

Look for Splashdown this summer. In the meantime, check out these early screens provided by Infogrames.

Source: Press Release