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Thread: "I've gotta get 100% my first time through!"

  1. "I've gotta get 100% my first time through!"

    Have you heard that from people? Are you one of those people? I just can't understand it I guess. I play a game my first time through, and just concentrate on getting through it. But I keep hearing these people that will not move on in a game untill they've gotten ever little piece of secrete out of the area they are in. Most recently, my friend with Mario Sunshine. Do you do this? Is there any particular reason, or do you simply feel compelled? I honestly feel like it detracts from the game and the replay value if I try for 100% my first time through. I'm better able to enjoy it if I just focus on the game. Thoughts?

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  2. Some games just task me.

    I haven't beat Yoshi's Island yet. And it will probably be a long while before I beat Sunshine.

    I know it makes little sense, but...

  3. I'm just like you then. As with Mario Sunshine, I'm just doing whatever is necessary to advance through the game. I'll work on getting all the shine sprites afterwards.

  4. I'm pretty obsessive that way myself... in fact I've only gotten to the third world of Klonoa 2 GBA so far because I won't move on untill I get an S rank in every stage.
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  5. For me it just depends on the game, ie whether or not I plan to play it twice or not. If I know I'm never going to play it again, I'll either go for 100% the first time around, or I don't like it enough to do even that.

  6. it pretty much depends on the game. i remember playing Tales of Destiny 2/Eternia and i was already at the last boss but i wouldn't even go beat it until i beat Cless at the battle arena. that guy was too damn hard and after trying for days i gave up and never played the game again. last week i was bored and i played the game. i forgot what the hell was going on in the game since it was so long and all and i still managed to beat the game.
    For shenmue II i just rushed through it to see the story though. i figured i might play it a second time when the XBOX one is out (if i ever buy a damn XBOX)

  7. With most Nintendo games, I'm obsessive to the point of madness. Majora's Mask was a good example recently. I had to complete every quest and get every mask. It's not like you get a reward for your labors (cake anyone?), it just feels like something I have to do. No real explanation for it. I am certain Sunshine will be the same for me once I get the cash to grab it - and don't even get me started on the quests in the next Zelda. Drooooool....

  8. These days, a game has to be pretty damn good for me to put that much effort into, and even then I don't go for %100 untill I've finished the game once.

    The last game that I actually completed %100 with every conceivable thing completed was THPS2.

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    I don't usually try to get 100% the first time through or at all.

    For example, I'm playing through GTA3 a second time(although Super Mario Sunshine has interrupted that) and I still don't care about collecting all the hidden packages.

  10. I'm more inclined to get 100% my first time through. That's when everything is new and my intrest is at it's highest. That said, I rarely get 100%. I usually crap out when I hit the high 80's low 90's.


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