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Thread: The Killers...^_~

  1. The Killers...^_~

    Today I stopped near a local video store and rented out "The Killers" starring Chow Yun Fat...Man the movie kicks ass... Anyway, is this movie on DVD...?
    Still keeping that FUNK alive...^_^

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  2. You mean The Killer? Wonderfull movie directed by John Woo, starring Chow Yun Fat and Danny Lee. One of my most favorite films, I seen it more than 30 times, and every time it excites me just if it was my first. Great characters and story, awesome action that havent been matched in intesity in any other film except Woo's Hardboiled, and sad ending.

    There are few versions of this film on DVD: HK version by Winstar, US Foxlorber DVD, and out of print Criterion disk, which is very expensive. I have Fox Lorber Double set of The Killer/Harboiled, and quite happy with it.

  3. yo, i have this movie. it's probably my favorite chow yun fat movie. the bad guy in the was a fuckin' bastard. gun fights were cool as hell. i'm trying to collect all his movies (yeah, even anna and the king). it's kinda depressing how chow yun fat always eats it in most of his hong kong movies.

    in terms of hitman movies, i'm not sure if i like this one better than "leon" (aka: the professional) with jean reno. i think chow yun fat and jean reno should make a movie called... the professional killers!

  4. Back in late '99, when I shelled out $100 for the Criterion DVD of "The Killer" brand-new, I thought I'd overpayed. Now the sucker's going for 2.5 to 3 times that much and I treasure mine more each day I own it
    omg TNL epics!

  5. The Leon is another wonderfull film, my other favorite movie Luke Besson did an awesome job in it, and both Jean Reno and Natalie Portman as wonderfull in their roles. It got some nice action scenes as well, but I love it for the story and its characters. Just like in The Killer, bad guy is a real bastard, and it has tragic hero, who just started to change affected by love and friendship. Get Full version DVD, which has about 25 minutes of extra footage that was cut from US version.

    Speaking of CYF films, check out Full Contact, another awesome action film, where he kicks ass and plays a very tough guy. A Better Tommorrow 1 & 2 also great, Flaming Brothers has some great action scenes, and God of Gamblers and God of Gamblers Return are very good as well.

    I also liked his US films Replacement Killers is great, even though many hate it, and The Corruptor is also good. I'm looking forward his new projects - Bulletproof Monk(action film based on comic book, shooting now), and his reteaming with John Woo and Men of Destiny, with Nicholas Cage.

  6. Why did a DVD cost $100 new?

    Is it actually that good?

  7. hey despair, i also liked replacement killer a lot. it's not my favorite but i can always watch it over and over again, which can't be said of any other chow yun fat movies. it's a lot better than the corruptor (which i also liked). come to think of it, the corruptor is kinda similar to training day. just replace "narcotics" with "homocide." the story in the corruptor is a little more believable.

  8. Well, Because its a rare, out of print Criterion verision, which has some extras not found in other releases of the film. Most of Criterion disk go way in price after they go OOP. Just look to Harboiled disk, its fetching even more than The Killer on Ebay.

  9. I ment new as in "new from store", which is where I got the impression Ragnarok got his from. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Believe me I know all about paying silly ammounts of money for rare and out of print things.

  10. Well, I cant really say, how much was it costing at the stores back in the day, since I never seen one Have to wait for Ragnarocks reply on that. But if you look on some of the prices new special editions get in the stores now days, you can imagine how much they will be once they go oop.


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