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Thread: Question about Yoshi in SMS action stages....

  1. Question about Yoshi in SMS action stages....

    Sorry for not posting this in the official thread but I don't want to get spoiled for later stuff.

    Anyways, I finally got around to getting Yoshi today so now that I have him, what action stages can I take him in? I tried taking him into Bianco Hills but he wouldn't enter. Pardon my ignorance but someone told me he can be taken in the action stages.

    Anyways, sure feels good to be able to ride the old guy again! No more crappy cameos.

  2. You can't take him into stages, but he will appear in some. he doesn't need to be used for many of them (I think only a couple), but is still in a few extra just for fun. Take a look around for Yoshi eggs.

  3. Darn. Oh well, better some than none.


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