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Thread: Here's the Deal....

  1. Here's the Deal....

    (A.K.A a true editorial column...)

    Now that April Fools is well behind us (and no...pretending to be offline for a few days just didn't seem as appealing when you got several dozen other sites all promoting the same joke), I wanted to convey a message from the entire staff to you, the reader of our current state. We are well aware that our site has slipped in some capacity. The lack of features, a few spastic updates, and even the absence of well...more reviews. But suffice it to say - we're not sitting back and coasting. In fact, we're on the verge of doing quite a bit of spring cleaning.

    For reasons that I'll save for the first 2002 feature of the new <b>Bahn Unplugged</b>, TNL is picking up the pace, both in news headlines (though let's face month before E3 and the world of gaming slows to a crawl). And we know that simply feeding you news and reviews ain't enough to keep you edified. We also know that you want to see more features, and we've got quite a few in the works to deliver over the course of time. That means, we'll work to get more interviews up, more team features, and hey - if DVD reviews is your cup of tea...we got a number of editors that dig that sort of thing too!

    And finally...there's our periodic contests. We don't plan to stop these either...and as long as you're excited to enter them (and publishers continue to offer their support), we'll be happy to give it to you (that entering of course). The point is...we want to hear from you, because we're not doing this just for ourselves, but for the hundreds of gamers that point their browsers to us each day.

    Got a thought? Suggestions? Jaded rants...let your voice be heard. We've got the communication lines open. Just click <a href="">here</a>, and we'll be sure to look at what you have to say (even if we don't agree, it's appreciated to get your feedback.)

  2. Anything that gets more people to look at the front page of the site is good in my book. I hope it all turns out okay
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  3. More reviews is all I'm looking for. I think the news has been going pretty well for a while now, barring the string of message board screw ups. The reviews I've read at other places (IGN, Gamespot, etc.) have been really terrible lately, but the ones here have always been good, when there's a review posted at least.
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  4. More import coverage. Some import coverage.

  5. Originally posted by cigsthecat
    More import coverage. Some import coverage.
    Interesting that you mention that...we got an editor on hand now that has expressed interest in doing that. So who knows...we just may put out a word for yet an <b>additional</b> editor (or two) to do import reviews. I am sure a lot of ppl would like that.

    ....and then there was a mention from more than I can count, about....classic coverage?

    (To be continued)

  6. That wouldn't happen to be Bebo, would it? I noticed the import Xbox controller review- definitely a step in the right direction.

  7. Originally posted by cigsthecat
    That wouldn't happen to be Bebo, would it? I noticed the import Xbox controller review- definitely a step in the right direction.
    ya...actually, his name is Bebop!

    I edited his article

    (my apologies Bepop!)

  8. Worry not, import coverage and reviews are on the waaaaaaay! *flies off to play more games*
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  9. #9
    Yes. The return of the editorials. I really like those.

    Also if you can, get some more coverage of Yager and Gunmetal.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  10. Import Coverage (And editorials/news about the scene, gaming and otherwise, in the land of sushi and small apartments)

    DVD Reviews (IN DEPTH)

    "Graveyard" section or feature (Anybody with me in this one?)

    Weekly/Monthly/whenever columns. They were my favorite part of GFO. Stuff like Anthony's Arcade Weekend Warrior made me print out the articles and read them over and over again. I still have em!

    More Contests (Everyone loves free stuff)

    More editorials. I love to read your editorials. Do it more often B.

    And whatever else you guys have cooked up for us. I LOVE THIS PLACE!


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