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Thread: Here's the Deal....

  1. Originally posted by bahn

    ....and then there was a mention from more than I can count, about....classic coverage?
    Don't look at me like that. AHHHHHHH
    *runs away screaming*

  2. I am one of the select few that stop at the front page before the forums. I have noticed a fairly decent improvement in the news coverage. Anything you do above and beyond what you do now is just gonna have me at "the next level" for the next level
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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    id like to see coverage of the classics also. there really arent that many sites with quality Saturn reviews (daves page is the only one i know...updated with a new review like 2 years ago). turbo?...not many....SNES.....Genny....SEGA CD!!??

  4. Hey Bahn, if you ever for some reason need a review of Street Fighter: The Movie on DVD, then Im your man...I think Im the only person in the world who actually owns it on DVD
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  5. Aside from the columns, actually, what you should do is set up a gamer's "review" section so that the many posters can fill in the blanks for games of all systems (not just the new... mind you) Put in something like this...

    Type name of game you wish to review

    ...and there you go! All it needs then is people to put their insite of the games they know so well, plus have a number of review listings so that more then a few can have their crack at what so and so is really worth the time (and money).

    Please Bahn, put something like this up for me!
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    I think import and DVD reviews are a great idea.


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