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Thread: Just picked up Star Ocean: The Second Story

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    zidane747 Guest

    Just picked up Star Ocean: The Second Story

    Having 16 dollars and 20 minutes to get out of the mall, I decided on SO:TSS(over FFT......take that,Square!)used. I would like some impressions from those that've played it. How is it in these categories?

    Character Development
    Battle System

    Is it better/worse/tied with these games in those above categories?
    Chrono Cross

    This'll help alot for me tomorrow. I've gotta go do my project and hit the sack, so I can't play until tomorrow after school(sorry, as Hardcore as I am, school comes first.....). Thanks to all that reply. I hope this game'll hold me until I get Kingdom Hearts and Robotech(in the same day?! Hot Damn!!).Peace.

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    In my opinion, you've made the wrong choice if you got this over FFT.

    I've played both for hundreds of hours, so you didn't go wrong... I just would have had different priorities.

    Anyways, my advice:

    Save your Skill Points and shit until you can buy the skills to reduce SP/EXP needed. Then worry about everything else. Ignore the voices, play the game at least twice to get the full story, enjoy the battles and the music.

    I think this game easily surpasses any PS FF since this game doesn't suck completely.

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    Originally posted by zidane747
    I decided on SO:TSS(over FFT......take that,Square!)

  4. i love star ocean 2. there's so much more to do in this game than in any PS1 final fantasy game....'cept maybe' i dunno about chrono cross since i haven't played it. the story's.....ok in my book, but i just think the gameplay outshines it a lil. the music's great too.

  5. It's alright. The story is intresting enough to keep me right up untill the end, but then the fact that you can get to the end at around level 70, but need to be over level 120 to beat it just made me lose all intrest completely. I had a decent time with it except for that little problem.

    I thought that the character development was pretty intresting, esspecially how some of the choices you made affected some things. Though, since I never finished it, I can't say if those were just surface effects.

    Bad guys? I honestly dont remember, except that one of em is just a matter of running around for a few minutes untill he gets bored and continues the story. I really hate bosses like that, just makes me waste valuable items and such.

    The extra stuff like item creation was cool.... assuming it would ever work!

    Over all... good fun, needs someone with a little more patience than I though.

    A is for action

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    FFT crushes SO:SS in every conceivable way, and that is coming from a Square detractor.

  7. SO:ss is a nice game , but its not even half the game FFT is.

  8. Star Ocean will ownz j00 all!!!!1

    Great game. But if faced with decision to buy either FFT or SO:SS...I'd get them both.
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  9. I say you did good, SO is a fine fine game, but yes I did hate the voices and the bosses that were there specifically to beat you... pissed me off. But the game is magic otherwise.


  10. Originally posted by dog$
    I think this game easily surpasses any PS FF since this game doesn't suck completely.
    For once I'll agree with dog.

    For those who are still stuck on the "FF is cool!" phase, go play some other RPGs and develop some standards.

    Oh and... I wouldn't really listen to the crowd that's shouting FFT! FFT! necessarily. One's a traditional console RPG (with ARPG battles) and the other's a SRPG. Is there really a way to measure which is better when comparing different (sub)genres? Not really.

    As for me, I'll take a decent traditional console RPG over a good SRPG anyday. But that's just a preference. As are those who like FFT.


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