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Thread: Review: Jet Set Radio Future

  1. Review: Jet Set Radio Future

    Slap on your skates and get ready for the new generation of cool...

    I've got to admit the advance word on <i>Jet Set Radio Future</i>, namely that it was 'dumbed down' and 'annoying shrill music' got to me. Rumors of the <i>Jet Grind Radio</i>'s complex analog tags replaced with one simple pull of the analog trigger and the funky beats replaced with girls screaming about MSG at the top of their shrill voices pushed this down from 'must play' to 'might play'.

    Sega knows what they're doing right? They wouldn't screw up the sequel to one of the best Dreamcast games ever would they? Would they???

    For the full review from our newest editorial addition, <b>Mattvanstone</b>, click <a href="">here</a>

  2. Great review. It really takes me back to the olde days of Gamefan.

    What can I say, they man has talent. Matt! Get up and start writing for a mainstream mag, they need it... (But still contribute and hang around here )

    teh teh teh teh teh teh


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