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Thread: Did anyone used to work at Clover?

  1. Did anyone used to work at Clover?

    The Department Store?

    If not, but you have a good memory, how did there jingle go?

    I think it had something to do with "Life getting good" or something to that effect..

  2. Sorry... cant help.

    I've never even heard of clover.

    But I now have "Crimson and Clover" stuck in my head.

  3. I've been to Clover numerous times when I was a kid.

    But no, I didn't even know they had a jingle.

  4. Crimson and Clover
    Over and Over

  5. Originally posted by Gary Gnu
    Crimson and Clover
    Over and Over
    Well, I hardly know her. bum bum ba dadda bum...
    But I think I could (something) bum bum ba dadda bum...

  6. Screw you Pat Benetar!

    Man, Clover doesn't even exist on the Internet anymore.

    The only store I can find still in operation is in the Virgin Islands, and I get a busy signal.

    Yes, I called the Islands hoping the jingle would be on the voice message.

    Put another dime in the jukebox baby.

  7. Thats a bit excessive...

  8. My girl asked me last night how the Clover song I used to sing to her went.

    I said "huh?"

    You know when you can't dig up the info from your brain, you will go to any lengths to find out. Usually the web can answer these Forgotten Worlds, but this time it's failed me.


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