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Thread: New Line finally ditches the cardboard

  1. New Line finally ditches the cardboard

    They killed off the snapper cases (starting off with Blade 2 if you somehow didn't notice)! I hate those damn pieces of shit. This basically leaves WB as the last major company (in the US anyway) to bring out dvds in snapper cases. Damn them. I'm pretty sure they will never go to keep cases cause they made a deal with the company that manufactures those snappers when they first started releasing DVDs.

    Later all...

  2. Well, New Line and WB are owned by AOL Time Warner, so that's why they both had snappers to begin with, so maybe we'll see a change with them too. Does Image still release snappers too?
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    Snappers suck so much... they're irregular sized and they're real cheap.

    New Line and WB are owned by AOL Time Warner
    They suck, so I knew that AOL was involved somehow.

  4. I think Image has stopped using snappers but I'm not sure. I know they used to but I've seen some Image DVDs in keepcases. Maybe they use both now.

    Later all...

  5. Thank God. I hate those worthless cardboard bastards.

  6. Yeah, I hate those also. Few of the WB and New Line dvds are unfortunate victims of the use of cheap cardboard, and I hate it


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