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Thread: A stuuuuupid article about Megatokyo

  1. A stuuuuupid article about Megatokyo

    Lemme just say this right now--Megatokyo sucks.

    It's inconsistant in terms of storyline, art quality, and when it gets updated.

    The characters are either completely two dimensional, or complete all-over-the-board spazzes, and none of them are particularly likeable.

    Yet these hooers here are making it out to be god's own gift to the internet. Lemme tell you, there's like 50 manga-esque webcomics that are far superior to this fruity shite right here, the primary one being Irritablity, the funniest damn thing I ever read on the internet.

    That's not to say I wholly dislike Megatokyo, but it would be a lot better if it could pick a genre, update regularly, and stop being a forum for Piro's self absorbed mopiness.

    And if any MT Fanboys got anything different to say, I'll gladly take em out to the dumpster and give them a thrashing, then burn them and all their frilly shojo manga and yaoi dojinshiin a big smoking pile.
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  2. Then again this is the same wbesite that rated a JAPANESE COOKBOOK HIGHER THAN THE BEBOP MOVIE...

    Even relatively speaking, that's a loada shite
    Compare your life to mine and KILL YOURSELF!!!

  3. MT was good at first..the first month or two.

    But then...something went TERRIBLY wrong.

    Its the biggest piece of crap ever.

    It basically has no plot or characters being built. Any new characters are usually just forgotten within a month.

    Me == Hate MT.

    I can't believe theres a legion of fanboys for it ><
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  4. RiiRii, we gotta unite and take this down. I'm sure something better could come from the two of us :P
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  5. I'll be dead by the time TNL Solid ever comes out.

    If it ever comes out.

    What's the scoop, people?

  6. I used to like MT quite a bit but now, it's boring as hell. There's little to no point to it. The characters are practically repeating themselves. If the strip focuses on Largo, he just says some crazy overdramatic crap that he's probably said before. If it focuses on Piro, he says depressing crap and Seraphim comes and pretty much just says that he sucks. And then there's the point that half the time, there's not even a strip. Half the time it's just "Fred Art Day" or "Piro Art Day" or whatever they call it. Bah. They should just do Stick Guy Dom days every day. Ed and Dom are pretty much the only interesting characters that were ever on the strip anyways...

    Oh and The Jar ownz MegaTokyo's ass. Though it's been a tad boring recently, it seems like it's getting back on track.
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  7. beats me.

    Sims is working on it. I know Rii's script is used. Tis hillarious. That's all I know.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  8. Currently retooling the strip to fit Simmy's schedule, but this has been rather trying on my own, as I'm not home goddamn enough

    It's coming. It'll be started by summer, if I have anything to do with it!
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  9. I liked MT when it was just a punchline comic without trying to develop some sort of plot thing, which I think doesn't work because it didn't start with a plot at the beginning. If it had been built on a more solid foundation, it might have been interesting, but as it is, it's gibberish to me.

    I'm biased to liking strong plots and strongly disliking whiny characters though. I've learned quite a bit about what not to do in making a comic from MT so hasn't been a total waste.
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