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Thread: "file sharing"

  1. "file sharing"

    Hey, Im at college now and would love to take advantage of my high speed connection by "Stealing" some songs. Unfortunetly, the world of file sharing seems to suck right now.

    I have tried a thousand programs, and none of them have worked. In fact, the only program that I was able to download with was Morpheus, but it did not work well and I would rather not use that shit.

    So, anything you would reccomend that is spyware free and actually works consistenly?!
    your mom

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    WinMX. Greatest p2p program to date, IMO. Almost every song you search for has huge supernodes that will usually dl around 400 kb/s a second. They have tons of material, and is much better than Morpheus. (I use both)

    You could probably find it at, if not, just try google

  3. Kazaa Lite is pretty good. It works the same as Kazaa but they get rid of the Spyware bullshit.

    A lot of colleges have firewalls in place that prohibit you from using these progs, though. Its something the schools HAVE to do, since without these in place like amazingly huge portions of the school's bandwidth is sucked up to these programs (half or more). At my old college I would get maybe .25k/sec from each one I tried. There are two solutions to this:

    01. There are probably people on the network which share loads and loads of stuff. You have to do some surfing on the Network Neighborhood/My Network Places but there you go.
    02. There may be a DirectConnect network on campus. I went to one big school to visit my friend once and they had a diesel DirectConnect network. Because the school was so big and there was so many people on it, it was pretty much just like a big Kazaa network except all downloads were like 900k/sec. My theory is that most of the big state schools or whatever probably have these.

  4. I tried Kazaa lite first. IT takes forever to connect to the network and then nothing will download. IT always worked from hom (when I had a 56) but not anymore.

    I tried WinMX but it seems too complex and I could not connect.

    And I dont think there is a firewall because morpheus work REALLY fast sometimes. And my school is not that big, so there is not program to share on a lan.
    your mom

  5. how bout LimeWire???

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    It's not really complex, unless your going into the optinos. Just use the high speed connection and let it connect, then search depending on availability, and DL the ones on top.

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    Stibbons Guest
    Yeah, your school has blocked all your file sharing programs. Every freshman finds this out the hard way. Only Morpheus (sometimes WinMX) works here.

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    Johnny Guest
    Direct Connect is definately the way to go. I use the DC++ client personally.

  9. I use Imesh, but I think I'm in the minority here. I do recommend Winmx for songs, as you'll get an assload of results( sometimes more than 1000!) updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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    Jay Guest
    WinMx is great, Kazaa Lite is my fave though.


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