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Thread: Alex Pic Colored

  1. Alex Pic Colored

    check new pic that i colored, it was draw by Jashugan.

  2. Pretty nice colors, good to see you found your way here. Although personally I don't like the Background, but that's me. Did you see the Challenge of the month? You'd be natural for it! (deals with coloring images ) Keep up the nice work man!

  3. wishwarriorx sounds familiar, have you posted at one of the old TNL boards? or Im thinking I might remember you from i dunno, either way good to see new peeps on the art forum.

    I like the coloring job overall but theres alot of noise around the outline anything you could do to eliminate those? it takes a bit away from your fine work.

    about the bg, the outline around the elipse shouldnt be closed around the edges. just let the line bleed off the edge, Id even say get rid of the black line completely and have the elipse just run off the side of the page.

    just a couple thoughts, dont take them badly as the coloring itself is topnotch.

  4. thanks for the comments guys,

    actually yeah ive posted to TNL for about a year now so ive been here awhile. im also at and polykarbon to so yeah im pretty sure we've meet at least once before

    as far as the background is concerned, i was in a hurry and i just copy and pasted alex onto a background, didnt even bother to antianalize it so thats why the jagies are around him..... im going to probibly rework the image and do it again here soon, so i'll drop you a glace when i do that (i hate the background to BLAH)


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