Get ready to be funkified...

A surprise to few, Sega has announced that their eagerly anticipated Xbox title ToeJam & Earl III will be exclusive to the system. Set for release this fall, it is being handled by the same team that did the originals for the Genesis.

"Microsoft is thrilled to have ToeJam & Earl III as an exclusive title for Xbox," said J. Allard, general manager of the Xbox platform at Microsoft. "ToeJam & Earl III takes advantage of the many great features of Xbox to deliver a stunning next-generation version of one of the video game world's most unique franchises."

ToeJam & Earl III will introduce a new character, Latisha, to accompany ToeJam and Big Earl on their quest to recover the 12 sacred albums of funk that were stolen from Great Funkopotamous. The game will be open-ended in its completion, and will feature a random level generator to keep things from getting repetitive after multiple playings. Both single player and multiplayer with split screen will be included.

Source: GameSpot