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Thread: Decent Server for Free Space?

  1. Decent Server for Free Space?

    I need to find a good server that will let me place about 31 megabytes of info on it. I created an alternate soundtrack to Ragnarok Online that features Earthbound music (Fanboyism at it's best!) Anyhoo, I'm looking to get it hosted somewhere.

  2. well if you have dsl or cable your isp usually gives you free space if not i can give you some space on my server, its slow(10-15k a sec) but it works.
    "Punch the yeti! Win a free Llama!"

  3. Well I use *Gasp* AOL as a provider. But my girlfriend, and friends have cable and DSL, and I'm sure as heck not my 56k modem.
    If you could PM me the info that'd be cool.
    I also appreciate the lending of server space.


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