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Thread: Message from shidoshi

  1. Message from shidoshi

    Hey everyone. My absecence from here as of late hasn't been one of choice - my school bans me from getting to any of the pages contained on The Next Level. They seem to ban almost ANYTHING dealing with video games, so there you go.

    First, as for me myself, things are going great over in Japan, and life has been very interesting. If you ever want to chat, I encourage you to drop over by the Morning Mayo boards ( as I thankfully can at least still get there. Or, you can read all about my kooky dating sim-esque encounters lately via my Live Journal.

    Wanted to express a few game thoughts. Living in Japan with little spending money is a real bitch, because there is tons of stuff that I want. I'm dying to get KOF 2000 and Ikuraga for DC, and how hardcore is it that the DC will also be getting KOF 2001! (I think the date was Oct. 13 or something like that last I checked.) Only problem is that you get raped over here if you want to buy a DC now - I wanted to pick one up just to have something to screw with while over here, but used ones don't start until at least $85-$90.

    And, because it wouldn't be a shidoshi post without some Xbox bashing, I'm proud to see people over here ignoring the Xbox so much. Like it or hate it, it is doing ABYSMAL over here. From what I've seen, when stores have the Xbox, the software is either tucked away somewhere, or the selection is really small. It's pretty funny to see the Xbox selection vs. the GameCube selection at most stores here, because it makes it look like the Game Cube actually HAS a decent-sized library.

    I do miss having a nice game selection around - my roommate decided to buy a SuperFamicom, so I have to put up with seeing him buy games all of the time and always sitting around playing. I found a cheap PSOne monitor, and if I can also find a cheap PSOne, I may break down and buy it. But, while I do miss games sometimes (GOD I want to play PSO for GameCube so bad), it's really nice living a life mostly without them. I go to the arcade somtimes, play some KOF 2001, Pop'n Music, PPP, whatever, and that gets a lot of my video gaming urges out. But there are times when I'd love to have my PS2 so I can play through FFX or Silent Hill 2 again, so I can finish off Valkyrie Profile, or play a few other random games. Or, just as good, I'd love to have my DC here and be able to play some of these recent games, as well as a few import titles I missed out on buying. But, oh well.

    I do have my GBA, and I've been playing US Tactics Ogre and KOF (which I picked up over here). I'm dying to get the Pocky and Rocky game, but don't know if it is any good or not. Is it? I'd also love to pick up the Ghouls n' Ghosts remake if I had the money, and some of the other good stuff that I've missed.

    Silent Hill 3. Good freakiní lord. Looks to be back more to the tone of the original game. SH2 was a glorious game, donít get me wrong, but they didnít do some of the best things that the original game did, so lord Iím excited.

    My biggest hobby over here? My cellphone. I'm addicted to it. Spend all of my time writing e-mail back and forth with friends in Japanese. Great practice, and man, having what is basically an instant messanger that you can use ANYWHERE gets addicting real quick. When you're in Japan, you can really understand why Nintendo may fear that cellphones are their true competition for the GBA. And there's now a cellphone over here that can even render polygons - crazy.

    Finally, I mentioned before I left the US that I may try to set up some sort of "rare stuff from Japan" service. I've found some things that I thought people may be interested in (for example, N64 Bulky Drive, SuperGrafix, lots of other stuff), and lord knows I can use a bit of extra money if I can make some, so I've put up a webpage for information on what to do if you'd like me to look around for something you want. Hit the URL below for more information.

    Wish I could come here myself, but I can't afford to get an internet connection at home, so what can you do. Like I said, if anyone wants to chat, so by the moma boards if you have some extra time. Not meant to be a cheap plug or anything, just one of my few means of reaching some of you since I can't get here and I can't run messanger programs at school.

  2. I want to live in Japan.

  3. Hey Shidoshi, nice to hear from you !!

  4. Shidoshi sounds like he's having a grand ol' time in Japan... I might take him up on that "rare stuff from Japan" service...
    Name: Rock
    Town: Arcadia

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    Jay Guest
    Nice to hear from ya man.

  6. The he-man, himself.

    Damn, I can't believe I forgot about his board.

  7. Erm, well, it's good to hear that you're alive.

    And Twinkle Star Sprites goes for that much!?

  8. Originally posted by Tain
    Erm, well, it's good to hear that you're alive.

    And Twinkle Star Sprites goes for that much!?
    The lousy AES cart, yes...

  9. Twinkle Star Sprites is expensive on every system, though. Saturn TSS is much more expensive in Japan than it is here (when it comes up for auction.

  10. I wish I had money right now. There is so much I want...


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