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Thread: Better things to do

  1. Better things to do

  2. Ysee, it's supposed to be god, but god is in another solar system, yknow, with 2 suns. And stuff.

  3. whatever...

  4. I don't think you get it, but that's ok. It's weird art.

  5. I like it.

  6. Yeah I'm not quite sure the meaning of this piece...

    but your avatar and sig is the shit! Fight Club is tight.
    "be water my friend"bruce lee

  7. Well, if anybody cares:

    The idea for this is actually an idea I've had for a short movie. I'm planning on doing it in Maya someday, a short animation.

    In the movie, it will be revealed that "God" is a huge teraforming machine created by some unknown race of uber-beings.

    Basically, WW3 starts. A huge nuclear explosion rocks the planet, and thousands die. For some reason, "God" senses this, and makes his way back to Earth.

    Then a lot of other things happen that I'm too sleepy to talk about. But basically it was inspired by TOOL's Aenima. :idea:

  8. It might be good if it was not for the crappy lens flairs...
    your mom

  9. What lens flares? There are none!


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