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Thread: Wegas vs. HDTVs for gaming.

  1. Wegas vs. HDTVs for gaming.

    Well, barring any obstacles, I'll probably be getting a big screen HDTV for the living room sometime early next year. Probably mainly use it for DirecTV and DVDs. I've heard some folks say they prefer Wegas to HDTV for gaming. I'll probably be getting a Wega right before Metroid Prime is released but I would like to hear some detailed pros and cons for both types of TVs for gaming, progressive scan quality differences on both, any burn in problems on HDTVs (some employee at Best Buy told me big screen HDTVs will have burn in from games like Mario Sunshine "Even if the game isn't paused because of stuff like # of coins, life counter, ect...." don't know if i buy that but...?)? How do DC games look on a Wega using the AV cables? Stuff like that. Gimme all the details, you tech heads.

  2. If you're going to use standard RCA style A/V cables, you might as well not even buy an HDTV. You're going to have to use component cables for progressive scan. Also, I don't think burn-in is a huge problem with HDTVs--I think some people have kind of blown it out of proportion. I personally don't have an HDTV, but know plenty of people with them and they have no problems on them. And playing Mario Sunshine for a few hours is definitely not going to cause burn-in (maybe if you left it on 24 hours a day for 3 years it would).

  3. Well, of course I'll use component cables for all my GC games, I'm talking about the fact that the DC doesn't have component. Is there an RGB hack I can get that will work on either TVs?

  4. I had a digital HDTV, being digital, I wouldn't know if projection HDTVs have a problem. I doubt it unless you play for like 6 hours strait.

    And yea, I said had. I'm back to regular TV due to my financial situation... I wanna stab my eyes in horror.

  5. I play my systems through S-video on a 27' WEGA and the quality is amazing. I've yet to use the component input (I need to get some sort of switch box first for all the consoles) but the image is exceptional. Is it better than HDTV? I can't say, as I haven't played on one. I guess it just comes down to how much cash you're willing to spend.

  6. I play the next gen systems on a projection HD tv. There is a burn on the screen, but that was caused by my dad not turning off the tv before he went to sleep while watching the history channel (there is an H in the bottom right hand corner you can see when anything is bright, man spends thousands of dollars on a tv then burns an H on it because he can't press one button). I'd say get a HDtv, simply because in a few years HD will be the standard, and if your Wega doens't have a HD port then you'll have to buy a new tv later on. Make sure its widescreen too, and that it comes with an option to make the screen a square so you can play games without them being all stretched out.
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  7. Re: Wegas vs. HDTVs for gaming.

    Originally posted by Kosh_H
    progressive scan quality differences on both
    The main difference is that your average WEGA doesn't support progressive scan. There are HDTV WEGAs, though.

    Xbox and GC games are going to look better on a TV that can display progressive scan.

  8. I have a 32" FV series Wega that I play my SNES, Saturn, Dreamcast and N64 on through an s-video switch box. My DVD player, PS2, and GameCube are hooked up via a component switch box.

    Everything looks just about as good as an analog interlaced TV is going to get. Very, very clear image and strong, true colors. But... even my Wega wouldn't beat a lesser brand of TV that is progressive scan. You can still see some "scan lines" on my Wega, especially on 2D games. Now, if I had a progressive, high definition XBR Wega, that would be a different story.

    Basically, progressive scan TV's are the best. I am waiting to get one until all the confusion surrounding HDTV standard is settled. I personally do NOT like the look of a rear-projection HDTV, so I would even choose a regular non-progressive Wega over one of those (and I did).

    And right now, if your primary purpose is gaming, you probably want a standard TV, not a widescreen. Especially if you play older systems a lot like I do, they wouldn't look so hot on a widescreen. Either it would be stretched or have black borders on the sides... The majority of current generation games don't have a widescreen option either.

    But everyone's preference is different.

  9. Originally posted by Melf
    (I need to get some sort of switch box first for all the consoles)
    JVC JX-S111 A/V selector. Available online. Allows for up to three component signals with no picture degradation (or so they say). Also has two S-Video inputs.

    The new EGM (Halo 2 on cover) actually covers \"ultimate gaming televisions\", so read the article when you have the chance.
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  10. I'd have to agree with Teddman. If anything go HD-WEGA. Just make sure you buy a tube to prevent "burn in" problems. Due note though, that light guns have problems due to the TV's refresh rate. Don't know if that matters but if so, keep a cheapie TV around somewhere.


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