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Thread: "Flyboy" Rocco Rock dead at 49

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    "Flyboy" Rocco Rock dead at 49

    Just read Rocco Rock of the Wrestling Tag team Public enemy died of a massive heart attack. He had a short stint in the WWF with his partner Johnny Grunge also a run in WCW. They were most famous for their ECW run.

    I was watching the News channels like CNN and they were actually running news flashes on the bottom of the screen. CNN covering a indy Wrestlers death? I bet they thought it was the real "Rock" or something.

  2. Yeah, that's some sad news. Especially since he was only 49 years old.

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    Jay Guest
    He has a history of heart problems in his family, according to 1wrestling. Sad news indeed.

  4. Dam at 49, that sucks a lot.
    "Punch the yeti! Win a free Llama!"

  5. How old is King Kong Bundy? Dude's outliving guys half his size.

  6. Apparently he's only 46.

  7. I find dead pools so tasteless. Don't you guys?

    *runs off to Fight Club to start "Who's Next to Die?" topic*


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