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Thread: GameGO! Issue #2

  1. GameGO! Issue #2

    This could have been posted while I was away from here, but for those interested you can get the .pdf version of GameGO! issue 2, since it never went to print.

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    Jay Guest

  3. Hm. Had I known this...we could've hosted it too. we do have the space for it

  4. and kill the bandwith again? or is not possible now on the new host?
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    Ah, a good read. What we had here was another GameFan in the making (just needed some more color and it would've been halfway there)... but now I'm relegated to reading Game Informer

  6. We'll put it up in a permanent shrine.

    Bandwidth should be okay for now. Look for a couple of movies (Evolution Worlds and BloodRayne) in Headlines. Download speeds are fast, too.

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    Yay! I can't wait to sit in line for three hours to download it!

  8. Finally able to download it...and look at that, I have some art in the fan art section. Pretty neat.

  9. ...

    This issue is a whopper in size to download. I got it back when GameGo! boards were still around and loved it. I think this could have been amazing...but it just wasn't meant to be...I remember early on that many "mainstream" gamers were put off by the "hardcore preaching" of the mag, though I never took it that way...I just thought they were trying to show the other side of the gaming industry...but honestly, mags like GamePro, which is absolutely dreadful, are what gamers are buying for some reason...
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