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Thread: Anybody wanna sell/trade a GBA?

  1. Anybody wanna sell/trade a GBA?

    Just curious, i havent visited my manager buddy yet, but thought id check this forum and see if anybody wants to sell or trade for a GBA. Gametz seems kinda weak on sellers of it, so i expect it may be limited here, but thought id try. Basically i have tons of games, so of course that is an option, otherwise, money is a easy source here too. Let me know........

  2. You just missed my ebay auction.

  3. Cool, i put in the current high bid, though i expect it will go up, thanx.

  4. Are you sure you want it? Positive? Just making sure because I had an offer for $60 to end that auction early. BUT you are the HIGH bidder money talks you know...

    Thanx in advance.

  5. Check your PM's.........

  6. ok send payment to

  7. Sorry Lu, have been helping my folks, my mom just got out of the hospital. I sent you a pm, just wanting to make sure your ready to do the deal, sounds good to me. Thanks

  8. okay check your pm.

  9. Ok, thanks, will look forward to getting it!


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