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Thread: Tears of the Black Tiger - New Cool Thai film

  1. Tears of the Black Tiger - New Cool Thai film

    Well, Check out this review for this cool Thai wester from KFC Cinema site:

    Damn, This film is definately sounds interesting, and I will try to find it on the net. I cant play Region 2 dvds at this moments, but hopefully, I will be able to get Region Free dvd player with PAL converter later this year.


    Here is another review for it:


  2. ...

    From what the review said, it seems really interesting. Let me know what luck you have finding it--possibly there's a VCD version available. I too would like to get a region free DVD with PAL support and I have seen quite a few at a decent price, but they are mostly Asian brands I've never heard of...I am waiting for mine to die, then I will hunt a good one down...
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  3. I will probably will get Malata N996. Its goes for about $389, and has Region Free playback, Seamless PAL conversion, Progressive Scan output and bunch of other things. Its very recommended on every HK and Import related boards, and pretty much player of choice.


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