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Thread: Where are the friggin' Ys DVD's?

  1. Where are the friggin' Ys DVD's?

    Does anyone know for sure? I can't keep up with all this stuff. I'm juggling new He-Man toys, stupid fucking Bon Jovi CD's for my wife, and hunting down Heroes Of Cybertron PVC's at drug stores.

    Will someone let me know when and where they find them?


  2. that's actually the one title i forgot to pick up last week. now i'll have to go searching for it.

  3. Don't bother, it's not coming out till the 15th of the month. Here's the box art:

    omg TNL epics!

  4. That's both realy cool and horrendous box art at the same time.

  5. yeah its coming out the 15th. order it online here


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