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Thread: Best. Sig. Evar

  1. Best. Sig. Evar

    Boomspeed is my friend.

  2. Its too dam big. Cool but too big.

    Thats all. You can continue your fight now.

  3. Hello? :: points down ::

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  4. if ya see a sucker, cut him, donít like perpetrators

  5. #5
    Chux, that sig needs to be fixed. Sorry, not matter how cool it is, it cant be that wide. Two of them should be fine (its just over 500, which is basically the width maximum), but three is too much. Its up to bahn or nick if two is ok, but I can guarantee you that three isn't going to be allowed

  6. I thought this was going to be a post about Wildcat's sigs =X
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  7. it might be too big check with the faq...
    "Punch the yeti! Win a free Llama!"

  8. Thanks Slip. I was debating if I should keep doing Miwa sigs, but your post restored my faith. Miwa will march onward, no matter what other factions will pop up on this board...

  9. Yes Wildcat! By all means, please keep Miwa!
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  10. i think mine's better than all of yours.

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force rules.


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