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Thread: MiniDisc

  1. MiniDisc

    I bought a NetMD / MDLP player recently, and I must say that it was one of the best things I've purchased in a long time. I can fit around 200mins of mp3s on the "74min" format. The extended play doesn't take much from the quality of audio either. MP3s are encoded as high as 132K (and the average is 128). With my nice headphones it comes out as next-to-CD quality. And at 5 bucks (CDN) a pop, it's an awesome deal.

    Any other MD owners out there?

    Sony really needs to market these better in North America. The potential is great. And cheaper than flash memory.

  2. Yes Net MD's are awesome however since Sony, being the selfish child of the electronics industry, like they have done so many times before, is refusing to license this technology to other companies, thus killing the market for such a great product.

    They did it with Beta, they're doing it with Wega, which has superior picture quality over HD, doing it with Memory Stick, and will conyinue to do it with anything of any value. They seem to forget that here in America people like to shop arround.

    HD will win over Wega despite its superiority because everyone is using HD tech. because they are all allowed access to it. Til sony grow up a bit and stops making products with out third party support I will stay away from the MD.

    They do rock though.

  3. CD-MP3 Players > Mini-Disc (And when they have CD-OGG players those will be > that)
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  4. i have seen these things and dam i want one, they are soo nice looking but the drives for the computer are kinda expensive(i think).
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    Or you could just buy a CD player that plays MP3s.

    Just about the only use for Minidiscs is live CD quality recording. Other than that they are near worthless (as far as I have seen), and I have no clue why Sony tried pushing them as an average consumer device.

  6. MD's are sooo cute! But worthless to me...

    And Wega is not better than HD.

  7. You dont get the loss of color quality at odd angles from a Wega that you get from Projection TVs, HD included, and the picture is way sharper.

  8. Who said projection? The HDTV I had (RCA, widescreen, digital) was viewable from any angle, and looked worlds better than the Wegas they had when I got it.

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    Hell, my parents have a projection tv (just a nice barebones 46" GE) and it's viewable from any angle.

    Projection tv's are pretty good these days. Most people seem to have based their opinions on them from the first few years of their existance.

  10. I hate MP3s. Honestly, I do. They've been around since the 80's, generally sound like ass, and are far too widely-used.

    I want OGGs.


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