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Thread: Breaking News: Ikaruga Slated for a May Release?

  1. Breaking News: Ikaruga Slated for a May Release?

    I have nothing witty to say about this.

    German gamesite Gamefront has reported that a Dreamcast port of Treasure's vertical shooter Ikaruga may be available in Japan as early as May. Reports have also surfaced that major importer NCS has begun securing shipments of the highly-sought successor to Radiant Silvergun, lending further credit to the rumor.

    We'll post any further information, including any possible confirmation, as soon as it arises.

    Source: Gamefront

  2. To follow up - I called NCS earlier today and inquired about Ikaruga. NCS took my name and email address and promised to contact me when they begin taking pre-orders, probably in mid-May. Others have reported the similar results after emailing NCS.
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  3. Hmmmmmm...

    I'll probably pick up 5 copies, so if anyone misses their chance I can be their savior.

  4. Between this and KOF 2k, I'm about to explode from happiness.

    Now this is how you say good-bye to such a wonderful little system. Sakura Taisen 4 was a bit of a let down.
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